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The United States developed a new type of fiber optic fiber technology will break through the development of limited glass

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A group of scientists led by Pennsylvania State University chemist John Badding developed a fiber made of zinc selenide as the core material, which can be used as a light yellow compound in semiconductors.
This new type of fiber, the light can be more efficient and more free operation, laser radar technology will open up more applications to lay the foundation. The technology could further improve medical laser surgery, provide more advanced lasers for the military, and measure chemicals that detect contaminants and detect terrorism. The results of this study are published in Advanced Materials, a leading journal of materials science.
"We all know that fiber is the cornerstone of the modern information age," says Badding. "The long, thin fiber, which is so small as three human hairs, can transmit terabytes of data per second, the equivalent of 250 DVD, and there are a variety of ways to improve the technology. "
Badding explained that the existing fiber technology is always limited by the glass material, he said: "The glass of the atomic arrangement is contingent, while the new material on the contrary, zinc selenide crystal material is highly ordered, Order is very conducive to light in the long - wave transmission, especially in the transmission in the infrared.
"Unlike quartz, which is traditionally used for optical fiber, zinc selenide is a compound semiconductor and we have long known that zinc selenide is a useful compound that can perform a variety of operations on light," says Badding. "This is quartz glass What makes it special is that zinc selenide turns into a fibrous structure, something that has never been done before.
Scientists have found that the synthesis of zinc selenide fiber has two purposes, first of all they found that the new fiber in the color conversion more efficient, Badding explained: "The traditional fiber for signal, display and art, but not To ensure that the time can get the desired color, zinc selenide use of non - linear frequency conversion, the ability to change in color is very good.
Second, scientists have found that the new fiber not only in the visible spectrum to provide more functional applications, in the infrared can also, the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation longer than visible light.




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