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What are some important properties of fiber optic adapters?

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1. Flame retardant. Flame retardant material burning point, a good adapter material under the fire point is not easy to burn, this is an excellent flame retardant level.
2. Heat distortion temperature. Plastic deformation under thermal stress, especially in the wild. So the thermal deformation of the adapter temperature is also an important indicator.
3. Operating temperature -40 to 75. This is a normal working range of the adapter. If it is cold temperature loss of the adapter will affect the great, it is generally at this temperature can work properly.
4. Insertion loss. Generally require less than 0.2DB loss, if the loss will affect the high transmission of light, then your network speed will be very card.
5. The number of boards. The need for continuous intermittent intermittent plug-in, generally need more than 500 times to be qualified, low or less impact on the latter part of the larger, lower life expectancy.
6. Stable quality. Many adapters in the production process will appear color, which is not a good grasp of the production process, and there are some minor problems, such as the shell fracture, thickness and so on! Must grasp!




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